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Friday Apr 07, 2017

Published articles at Baeldung

As a technical editor at Baeldung I have edited the following articles:

  1. A Guide to Neo4J with Java.
  2. Java 9 – Exploring the REPL.
  3. Array Processing with Apache Commons Lang 3.
  4. String Processing with Apache Commons Lang 3.
  5. Spring LDAP Overview.
  6. A Guide to the Java API for WebSocket.
  7. Spring Boot Authentication Auditing Support.
  8. A Guide to the Java Web Start.
  9. Exploring the Spring Boot TestRestTemplate.
  10. A Guide to the Spring State Machine Project.
  11. A Guide to the Java Web Start.
  12. Using @JsonComponent in Spring Boot.
  13. Flattening Nested Collections in Java.
  14. How to Copy an Array in Java.
  15. Dynamic Proxies in Java.
  16. Introduction in Groovy Language.
  17. Difference Between Sleep and Wait.
  18. Dynamic Proxies in Java.
  19. How to Copy an Array in Java.
  20. Guide to Guava ClassToInstanceMap.
  21. Count Occurrences of a Char in a String.
  22. Java Double Brace Initialization.
  23. Introduction to Java Serialization.
  24. Introduction to HikariCP.
  25. The Difference Between map() and flatMap().
  26. Intro to Structurizr.
  27. Merging Streams in Java.
  28. Converting String to Stream of chars.
  29. Introduction to Quartz.
  30. How to Get a Name of a Method Being Executed?.
  31. Iterate over a Map in Java.
  32. How to Warm Up the JVM.
  33. Exceptions in Lambda Expression Using Vavr.
  34. Apache Commons Collections SetUtils.
  35. Apache Commons Collections BidiMap.
  36. An Introduction to Atomic Variables in Java.
  37. Apache Camel with Spring Boot.
  38. A Guide to Byte Buddy.
  39. Microbenchmarking with the Java Microbenchmark Harness.
  40. Introduction to PCollections.
  41. Introduction to Neuroph.
  42. Guide to hashCode() in Java.
  43. Securing Java EE with Spring Security.
  44. Broadcasting and Multicasting in Java.
  45. Introduction to Apache Shiro.
  46. CharSequence vs. String in Java.
  47. Introduction to EJB JNDI Lookup on WildFly Application Server.
  48. Hibernate Many to Many Annotation Tutorial.
  49. Introduction to Vavr's Validation API.
  50. Delete a Directory Recursively in Java.
  51. Spring MVC Setup with Kotlin.
  52. Guide to Collections API in Vavr.
  53. Test a Linked List for Cyclicity.
  54. The @RequestBody and @ResponseBody Annotations.
  55. Introduction to EthereumJ.
  56. Using Pairs in Java.
  57. Introduction to EthereumJ.
  58. Commits and NRT Search in SolrCloud.
  59. Intro to JDO Queries 2/2.
  60. HibernateException: No Hibernate Session Bound to Thread in Hibernate 3.
  61. Groovy Bean Definitions.
  62. The Java continue and break Keywords.
  63. Introduction to Spring Cloud CLI.
  64. CAS SSO With Spring Security.
  65. Customizing the Order of Tests in JUnit 5.
  66. Polymorphism in Java.


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