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Wednesday Jul 18, 2012

CQRS white paper

Together with Koen Molkenboer, I have written a white paper, titled "A radically different approach to enterprise web application development". In this paper we assert that the reason that the development of enterprise web applications often exceeds both time and budget limits is often two-fold: on the one hand layered web application architectures often pose developers as well as architects many technical challenges, on the other hand a proper implementation of an iterative development methodology often fails since a lack of communication frequently hampers an optimal cooperation between business and IT. In this paper we propose a radically different approach to traditional web application development and the n-layered architecture that is often unconditionally associated with it, as well as the well-known gap between business and IT. The technical part of our alternative approach is based on a comprehensive domain-driven design that is fully persistence ignorant. This is realized by an implementation of an architectural pattern: command query responsibility segregation (CQRS). An improved communication and subsequent improved collaboration between business and IT is established by the development of a ubiquitous language, which in turn is enabled by the aforementioned domain-driven design.


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