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Friday Dec 01, 2006

Open Source Databases continued

This weeks Computable magazine (Dutch) reported that according to a study of Forrester Research, open source database such as EnterpriseDB and Ingres reduce both license and maintenance costs, up to 60 percent. It was shown that

  • Applications with datastores up to 200 GB can equally well be served with open source databases as with commercial ones.
  • 80 percent of the applications do not employ more than 30 percent of the functionality offered by commercial databases.   
On the website of Computable it was also asserted that open source variants can be used at home and are backed up by large knowledge bases as well as highly skilled developer communities. Moreover, open source databases do not pose a redundant claim on hardware, as opposed to their commercial counterparts.

Forrester claimed that open source database still do lack functionality to support critical applications though. In addition, business applications of Oracle and SAP do no support open source databases. On the other hand, support is expected in the near future.

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