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Friday Sep 01, 2017

Links to Agile Resources

Agile hospital: how to cure yourself of everything that is not agile! 

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Friday May 02, 2014

Feature teams versus component teams

In the book "Scaling lean and agile development" by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde, chapter 7 is devoted to the explanation why scaling up with feature teams is to be preferred over scaling up with component teams. In case you are stuck with the latter and cannot change to feature teams, this writing on explains how to cope with the latter situation.

Saturday Jun 04, 2011

Certified Scrum Master

This week I became Certified Scrum Master by attending the training given by Paul Goddard.

CSM certification

Paul turned out to be an excellent trainer as well as a skilled drawing artist:

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Thursday Sep 16, 2010

Incrementing versus iterating

A big pitfall (and hence risk) in many Agile projects is that the team tries to incrementally deliver perfect features at the end of every increment (sprint in Scrum jargon). Of course, this will almost always lead to disappointments, as the product owner most of the time does not have a crystal clear picture of his requirement (user story) from the start, let alone that the team has enough time and information to realize it.

Incrementing would ideally imply the delivery of perfectly implemented features at the end of each increment.

Iterating means that most of the user stories are iterated over multiple iterations, eventually reaching "perfection":

Iterating asserts that the product can be taken into production at an early stage and that the product owner has the choice to pay for the "glossiness" in the last iterations.

Acknowledgements: The above pictures have been taken from this presentation.

Friday Sep 03, 2010

Unit tests rendered useless

In this post I will argue why test coverage obtained from functional tests leads to associated metrics from which genuine conclusions can be drawn, as opposed to the much more commonly accepted view that useful test coverage related metrics can be obtained from mere unit tests. Moreover

  • Functional tests render most mocking frameworks redundant.
  • Line coverage of 95% should be feasible without too much efforts.
  • This approach is seamlessly applied to agile development techniques.
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