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Monday Apr 30, 2018

Deploying a COTS Application in the AWS cloud with Continous Delivery, IaC, Packer, GitLab, Ansible and Terraform

In this post we discuss how to deploy a COTS application in the Amazon cloud using a continuous delivery pipeline in GitLab, using Packer and Ansible to create an AMI (abstract machine image) and Terraform to lay out the infrastructure to which the application will be deployed.

CD Pipeline
The stages that constitute a typical COTS pipeline (Amazon Cloud)
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Monday Sep 04, 2017

Jez Humble's response on branching

In the endless discussions I need to do almost everywhere on branching, there is the one and only reply from Jez Humble to save the day. Moreover, see Martin Fowler on Continuous Integration and Branches considered harmful. Finally, in 5 traits of a good delivery pipeline there are references to "on DVCS, Continuous Integration, and Feature Branches", and "Enabling Trunk Based Development with Deployment Pipelines", all stating the same message.

Jez Humble's reply is reproduced below: 

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Friday Feb 24, 2017

Configuring a CD pipeline using Docker

These two articles nicely describe how toset up your own Continuous Delivery stack using Docker containers:

Sunday Jul 10, 2016

The death of continuous delivery and object orientation?

I found the following articles to be very interesting:

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